What we collect and how we use it:

We only collect information provided by you necessary for us to service you. That information may or may not be limited to: address, standard industry code, social security number, email address, medical history, diagnosis and treatment, height and weight, smoking status, date of birth, past claims experience and phone number.

Information Sharing & Payment

ANOVA Benefits Management, Inc will not share your information with any unauthorized third parties. 

When selecting insurance it is necessary to submit payment to the insurance carrier. This payment is usually in the form of a check for the first months premium. We will collect that check and transfer that payment along with the application to the carrier.  

What you can control

If you wish to provide information over the phone for security purposes you may do so. 

All information collected is provided by you, however it is recommended that you provide all relevant information honestly and to the best of your knowledge in order for us to give you the most accurate information about our providers and services.


ANOVA Benefits Management, Inc. maintains security measures both electronically and physically to protect your information. 

Your information is confidential and will not be supplied to any third party without your authorization.

Occasionally, to protect your privacy online, communication will be encrypted and will require you to enter a password created/supplied by either you, Anova Benefits Management, or a designated insurance carrier.